[GTALUG] Links from my talk on Web Scraping last night

Myles Braithwaite 👾 me at mylesb.ca
Wed Sep 13 10:00:06 EDT 2017

Jupyter Notebook:


* Remedies for Web Scraping by John Gregory,

* Web Scraping and Crawling Are Perfectly Legal, Right? by Benoit

Python Libraries:

* Selenium (good for download data from a JavaScript only website) -

* BeautifulSoup (HTML Parser) -

* Pandas (Data Analysis Library) - <http://pandas.pydata.org/>

* Matplotlib (Fancy Graphs) - <https://matplotlib.org/>

>From Questions:

* Good Python library for easily sending emails -

* Stewart's talk on OCR, A Bit More Than Mostly Searchable: Scanned
Paper You Can Find - <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EH_txB_hJWw&t=9s>

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