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On Sat, Sep 2, 2017 at 11:33 AM, Evan Leibovitch via talk <talk at gtalug.org>

> Thank you thank you thank you, Blaise.
> The links you offered eventually led me to the 2008 page that actually
> explained things most clearly to me
> <https://cyberborean.wordpress.com/2008/01/06/compose-key-magic/>. It's
> not limited to GNOME, I've happily implemented it under KDE. Now I don' t
> need to switch layouts or rely on dead keys.
> I've mapped the Compose key to Right-CTRL and all is good. (tried mapping
> to "menu" but I think that's hardwired to a function and wasn't mappable.)
> I also find that the Linux equivalent to the Windows Alt-code trick
> (ALT+0XXX to give any Unicode character) has an equivalent on Linux
> (Ctl-Shift-U) but it doesn't work reliably on all apps. I have no idea why
> this is.
> But no matter. Most of what I want can now be done easily using my
> newly-mapped Compose key. Guess it can't be a standard location because
> there is still a diversity of hardware keyboard layouts out there.
> In any case, thanks again. I leave it to the GTALUG organizers whether
> this topic merits a tutorial at a meeting.

Very very interesting - - - especially as I'm multi-lingual. I too have
used the change the whole keyboard trick  but that's a nuisance because
then I have to 'think' about the typing as sometimes even the letter keys
move (so much for touch typing at that point). What I am curious about the
other letters that are part of the different alphabets. The Germanic
languages definitely have at least some. I'm not familiar enough with the
Eastern European languages but then I would likely not be touch typing so
the entire keyboard switch would likely work.

Thank for the question Evan - - - and some answers, thank you Blaise for
your impetus and answers.

Now for more of the story - - - -

(I'm listening - - - grin!  )

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