Trying to create wireless network between mac and Ubuntu box

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I used this guide
to setup a hotspot on my Ubuntu (and now my Mint), and works flawlessly
between my Mint, my Android, my iPod 1st gen, and some Windozes on my

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2014-03-01 13:23 GMT-03:00 jim <cinetron-uEvt2TsIf2EsA/PxXw9srA at>:

> I'm trying to set up a wireless network between a Mac and a Ubuntu
> laptop. I am using Ubuntu 13.1 .When I use "create network" in either
> the Mac or Ubuntu menus everything looks good at first. I can log into a
> network whether created on the Mac or Ubuntu. I manually set consecutive
> IP addresses and make sure subnet mask is the same on both machines.
> However if I try to ping either direction it doesn't work. Not sure what
> I am doing wrong. Does anyone know if there is a gotcha for setting up a
> network in this configuration.
> Thanks,
> Jim
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