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Just food for thought. :)

I have a free account with http://50webs.com/ and I have no complaints. Its working out well for me.

Good luck on your search.

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Subject: [TLUG]: looking for a new host

I have an account with the following host: http://www.siteground.com/
It is coming up for renewal, I like these guys they have been pretty rock solid and have no complaints except for the fact they are offering new clients a bit more saving than existing client?

I posted this on their facebook and they silently deleted my question and did not even provide a reply. So I posted this up again and called them up on their lack of integrity.

Anyways its a good time to go shopping before I get locked down again. I am wondering if anyone else can recommend me a few good hosts I can compare. I have till Sept 19 to decide before they try to auto-renew.

I am looking for a Linux host that will allow me to easily install stuff or provide a way to easily do this. I am also looking for a host that supports Ruby on Rails.

-- Kind Regards,
Rajider Yadav
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