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Wed Nov 11 13:14:21 UTC 2009

For those interested in this month's Unix Unanimous meeting...

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hi folks,

sorry about this but we've been bumped.  Basically, the room bookings people
made a mistake.  One which is potentially interesting to geeks; I'll tell all
on Wednesday.

We're now in BA 2135, which is a similar room with the curved desk rows.
This is on the second floor, fairly close to being directly above the
room we've been in the last two months.  When you enter the building from
the main St George Street entrance, you can take the upward-bound stairs
immediately on your right.  Other than that, I imagine you can figure it out.

If we have rooms like BA 2139 and BA B026, we won't usually be in danger of
being bumped -- this month's situation is unique.  If we go back to 5256,
we'll always be in danger of being bumped, from now on, but I think it's
probably worth it.  Let's talk about it on Wednesday.

In December we're in BA B026.  (Unless Wednesday's discussion says that we'd
rather stay in 2139 -- it looks like that's available on the December date)

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