Removing Accidentally Added words from your user Dictionary

Scott Sullivan scott-lxSQFCZeNF4 at
Tue Nov 3 20:26:52 UTC 2009

I Think we've all done this by at some point:

    Your spell checking a document and instead of clicking change word,
    you click add word to dictionary. At this point your kicking
    yourself because there is no undo, and no documentation for removing
    those words (at least nothing immediately helpful from a google search).

Well after doing it again, I went hunting for that pesky dictionary file.
Reading man pages didn't help, they generally wouldn't tell me where the 
dictionaries are stored, or if that particular spell checker was the one 
being used.
Google Searches were the same.

Eventually I just started walking through the '.' directories in my home 
as that was where it should to be (somewhere...). I also knew from 
reading Fedora's Feature lists from release to release that there was 
more or less a universal choice for dictionaries in Fedora.

The Answer:


Inside is a .dic text file for each local that has had words added to it 
(en_US.dic in my case).

Here's to happier text editing!

Extra Info:

~/.config is part of the FreeDesktop's XDG spec on where a users 
application configurations should be put.

I've only Checked this in Fedora, Ubuntu and other Distro's might use 
other spellcheckers that store the data in different places. Although if 
people reading this could check and post their findings, it would be 

Scott Sullivan
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