ntfs-3g vs. ext2ifs

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Subject: Re: [TLUG]: ntfs-3g vs. ext2ifs

> EXT2fs on windows is OK,with the odd permissions quirk.
> Functionality-wise, NTFS-3g on Linux is good, but I've noticed that
> running the NTFS-3G/fuse layer actually consumes a noticeably large
> amount of CPU on older machines, so performance-wise not so good (I
> think it may be a general FUSE thing due to the userland component).

Thanks, Tyler.

I haven't noticed any permissions quirks with ext2ifs but then I've used it only once to see if it worked :-)

I been using ntfs-3g but did not notice any overhead but then I wasn't looking.
I'll check using top and see.

Thanks again for the heads up.


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