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Quoting Zbigniew Koziol <softquake-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w at>:

> Rajinder,
> We are over! This discussion is done!
> Otherwise Evan may come and teach us religion. So, take care and write 
> since now on Linux subjects.
> I can not come to your seminar (I would love to). I live now (God knows
> for how long) in Orel, which is 400 km south-west of Moscow in Russia. 
> You all there may wonder how is that possible that a Canadian citizen 
> who is of Polish origin (and Polish as a whole in fact consider Russia 
> as an enemy) lives in Russia? Well... I ask that question myself...
> zb.

I'll bite. How the heck did you get all the way there ? I know the Mississauga
Transit sucks but .... wow. 

Last time I saw you you were working in Mississauga. A bunch of us from TLUG
chipped in parts so you could build a computer. 


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