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We are over! This discussion is done!

Otherwise Evan may come and teach us religion. So, take care and write 
since now on Linux subjects.

I can not come to your seminar (I would love to). I live now (God knows 
for how long) in Orel, which is 400 km south-west of Moscow in Russia. 
You all there may wonder how is that possible that a Canadian citizen 
who is of Polish origin (and Polish as a whole in fact consider Russia 
as an enemy) lives in Russia? Well... I ask that question myself...


Rajinder Yadav wrote:
>> How is that possible that no one is wrong? ;) Either I am wrong or you are
>> wrong. Or we both are wrong. No fourth option... We can not be both right
>> when we already agreed that at least one of us is wrong. Unless we assume
>> that a sort of quantum interference exists and determines already our logic.
> ZB nothing is wrong with Rap because there is nothing wrong, it is
> what is it, words! However, you say there is something wrong, and then
> your reality is shaped by the "LANGUAGE" you have used to "CREATE"
> something is WRONG! Do you get it?
> What I am trying to get to is that Rap music "in and of itself" has
> nothing wrong with it. You decided it was wrong. You decided it causes
> moral disintegration, you decided people who listen to this are
> monkeys. That's all that happened here!
> All this exist in one's use of language to create a reality. So as I
> declared there is nothing wrong, it is beautiful this Rap song, I
> Loved it! I created a reality of social and moral values of LOVE and
> expression and connectedness and sharing! My reality is powerful and
> forward moving dare I say it =)
> We can both be right in language when it comes to passing value and
> judgment. The creator is either empowered or powerless. A powerless
> leader lives in a world that is powerless and full or problems to be
> complained about or avoided, etc. etc.
> You are going to find a lot of areas in your life that are not working
> (mostly in relationships). All of it created by your declaration in
> your use of language that something is wrong! Then you draw a line in
> the sand and prepare to stand for your declaration which is based on
> one's ignorance.
> Stop saying something is wrong, it is what it is and be a leader and
> not a complainer and do something to connect people rather than
> disconnect people?
> You are no different than anyone here, but with your use of language
> you create a reality that is only your own! No one else is going to
> own your reality and even have the exact some one, NO WAY, NO HOW,
> think about that one for a while.
> You have been educated today dare I say by a monkey....btw, if you
> live in Toronto I would like to invite you to be my guest in a seminar
> that I think you would like and it would make you a great and powerful
> leader who understands his moral purpose in this world. I do not want
> to mention the name of the organization I am taking a class in and
> currently continuing to complete which I thought would make me a
> better entrepreneur at first. I got more out of it in terms of
> relationships, having peace and understanding in my life and being a
> powerful leader. Whatever you want in life ZB, you can create and have
> it! The seminar is free, you can say no if you attend and think it's
> not for you. If you are into making improvements in your life, want to
> live a life without constraints than this is something you would like.

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