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Rajinder Yadav at
Fri Jul 24 16:38:42 UTC 2009

> How is that possible that no one is wrong? ;) Either I am wrong or you are
> wrong. Or we both are wrong. No fourth option... We can not be both right
> when we already agreed that at least one of us is wrong. Unless we assume
> that a sort of quantum interference exists and determines already our logic.

ZB nothing is wrong with Rap because there is nothing wrong, it is
what is it, words! However, you say there is something wrong, and then
your reality is shaped by the "LANGUAGE" you have used to "CREATE"
something is WRONG! Do you get it?

What I am trying to get to is that Rap music "in and of itself" has
nothing wrong with it. You decided it was wrong. You decided it causes
moral disintegration, you decided people who listen to this are
monkeys. That's all that happened here!

All this exist in one's use of language to create a reality. So as I
declared there is nothing wrong, it is beautiful this Rap song, I
Loved it! I created a reality of social and moral values of LOVE and
expression and connectedness and sharing! My reality is powerful and
forward moving dare I say it =)

We can both be right in language when it comes to passing value and
judgment. The creator is either empowered or powerless. A powerless
leader lives in a world that is powerless and full or problems to be
complained about or avoided, etc. etc.

You are going to find a lot of areas in your life that are not working
(mostly in relationships). All of it created by your declaration in
your use of language that something is wrong! Then you draw a line in
the sand and prepare to stand for your declaration which is based on
one's ignorance.

Stop saying something is wrong, it is what it is and be a leader and
not a complainer and do something to connect people rather than
disconnect people?

You are no different than anyone here, but with your use of language
you create a reality that is only your own! No one else is going to
own your reality and even have the exact some one, NO WAY, NO HOW,
think about that one for a while.

You have been educated today dare I say by a monkey....btw, if you
live in Toronto I would like to invite you to be my guest in a seminar
that I think you would like and it would make you a great and powerful
leader who understands his moral purpose in this world. I do not want
to mention the name of the organization I am taking a class in and
currently continuing to complete which I thought would make me a
better entrepreneur at first. I got more out of it in terms of
relationships, having peace and understanding in my life and being a
powerful leader. Whatever you want in life ZB, you can create and have
it! The seminar is free, you can say no if you attend and think it's
not for you. If you are into making improvements in your life, want to
live a life without constraints than this is something you would like.

Kind Regards,
Rajinder Yadav
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