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Sun Jul 12 01:41:36 UTC 2009

Erik (Caneris) wrote:
> Tyler wrote: 
>> Erik,are you saying that you encrypt traffic between the customers'
>> modem and your own endpoint, or is this just for employee's etc? Seems
>> like a smart way of doing things, and if you've managed to thus avoid
>> Bell's idiocy then I must applaud you for that! When you can't trust
>> the corps or your government/regulators to ensure fair and unbiased
>> service, it seems that a dedicated team of innovative "hackers" can
>> still manage to get the job done.
> The SSH tunnel feature is for customers. It allows our DSL customers to use any application which is able to use a SOCKS5 proxy to bypass the throttling. See for an example.

As I understand this, you may have problems caused by two TCP
connections trying to maintain the traffic flow.  It's one reason why
VPNs should be using UDP, instead of TCP.
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