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Mon Jul 6 17:50:39 UTC 2009

On Sun, Jul 5, 2009 at 2:44 PM, ted leslie<tleslie-RBVUpeUoHUc at> wrote:
> ubuntu is thinking of replacing RB with banshee,
> i still use amarok (even thou i love mono),
> but banshee has a lot of resources behind it,
> and is really getting better and better quickly,
> if ubuntu doesnt put  banshee in as the default for their next release,
> it will probably be the release after that.
> I am getting close to switching to Banshee, just not in any rush,
> but eventually I will , as it just has too much momentum to be ignored.

Hopefully a *rational* argument about the merits/demerits of Mono will
take place in the course of this...

I haven't been impressed by either of the tacks I have seen taken.

On the one hand, there's the "totally pragmatic" path, of "it works,
therefore it must be good."  Down that road lies "Oh, slave labour
built the Pyramids, hence slavery must be fine," admittedly as
something of a distant endpoint ;-).

On the other hand, RMS has been making the argument that "oh, there
might be patent problems, so nobody should *consider* using it..."

I'd much rather hear him make the more courageous argument:
 "We *should* use Mono, fairly heavily, so that we have an investment in the
  idea of fighting the broken things about the patent system."

I'd be fine with an argument to the effect that "we shouldn't use Mono
for strategically important things," as a dose of pragmatism.  But it
seems to me that RMS is avoiding a fight that rather ought to get
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