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A sort-of-maybe-off-topic post.  If anyone happens to be near Berlin
between Christmas and New Years, this might be an interesting event to
attend.  I look forward to reading about it during/after.  :)

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This event is using RFID tags to track each of the attendees every
move.  There's an interesting comment on Harry Potter's Marauder's
Map, which is something I'd never ever considered, that actually is a
breach of civil liberties after all.

"Nothing to hide - really?

25th Chaos Communication Congress
27-29 December, Berliner Congress Centre, Berlin, Germany

Be watched as closely as only tomorrow's most sinister politicians can
imagine. See how it works - and learn how to circumvent it. Heard
about Cory Doctorow's Little Brother? Come to the Congress and live
the book!

This month, the Open Attendee Meta-Data (OpenAMD) system and
SocioPatterns.org will merge RFID technology with social networking to
create live visualizations based on people's locations and interests.
For only €10, over a thousand conference attendees can upgrade their
badges to participate in a real life incarnation of Harry Potter's
"Marauder's Map." "

That's pretty fascinating, I think it would generate a very
interesting visual map but at the same time - I wouldn't appreciate
that in the slightest if I was living under it.
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