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Tue Nov 29 04:45:38 UTC 2005

Evan Leibovitch wrote:

>Rob Sutherland wrote:
>>I've been asked to work on a project and I was wondering if anyone can
>>point me to anything
>>similar, like, I don't know, maybe there are some Cyber-Hutterites out
>>there. Here's the project description I put into sourceforge.
>I don't think that all of it exists, but there is some interesting work
>going on in CMS space in this regard. The 2004 Howard Dean presidential
>campaign was conducted using a portal that has since grown into the
>CivicSpace CMS project. This outgrowth of Drupal (that once was a fork
Yes, I've been working with Drupal for a while and CivicSpace is on my 
list. The
definition of 'community' that it and other CMS's use is different 
though - more like
people who share a common interest such as SF fandom or a political 
sympathy rather
that people who share a common resource such as a co-op house or a piece 
of farm machinery.

>In any case, my own recommendation/wish would be that you look at an
>existing CMS platform, identify the stuff you need done that doesn't
>already exist, and start a project to make some CMS modules to do them.
>As someone who could see myself using some of this kind of software in
>the future, my selfish preference is to see it as Drupal modules rather
>than starting from scratch. This has the benefit of an existing API, a
>well-defined look-and-feel template, and already runs on a LAMP
>(MySQL/PHP) platform.
I'm planning to start off with LAMP and go with it as far as I can and 
Drupal is
probably going to be my choice as a starting point. I'm not sure 
porting  things
like SQL-Ledger or L'ane POS to a Drupal nodule is the best approach though,
I'd like to be able to plug in existing packages as components and let 
them share
data and look and feel.  If you only have a small community, maybe 
feeding data
to a patched version of Gnucash would work while a larger operation 
would need
something with the power of SQL-Ledger or Quanta.


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