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On 11/28/05, Rob Sutherland <rob-HoWcdTCbwWKHoZZAE0nKLw at> wrote:
> Evan Leibovitch wrote:
> >Rob Sutherland wrote:
> >
> >In any case, my own recommendation/wish would be that you look at an
> >existing CMS platform, identify the stuff you need done that doesn't
> >already exist, and start a project to make some CMS modules to do them.
> >
> >As someone who could see myself using some of this kind of software in
> >the future, my selfish preference is to see it as Drupal modules rather
> >than starting from scratch. This has the benefit of an existing API, a
> >well-defined look-and-feel template, and already runs on a LAMP
> >(MySQL/PHP) platform.
> >
> >
> I'm planning to start off with LAMP and go with it as far as I can and
> Drupal is
> probably going to be my choice as a starting point. I'm not sure
> porting  things
> like SQL-Ledger or L'ane POS to a Drupal nodule is the best approach though,
> I'd like to be able to plug in existing packages as components and let
> them share
> data and look and feel.  If you only have a small community, maybe
> feeding data
> to a patched version of Gnucash would work while a larger operation
> would need
> something with the power of SQL-Ledger or Quanta.
> Rob

Might be worth looking at Drupal for the majority of your needs and
Flexinode for the custom stuff:


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