Gatesware + Thunderbird + Sympatico broadband doesn't work

Jamon Camisso jamon.camisso-H217xnMUJC0sA/PxXw9srA at
Fri Nov 25 20:32:44 UTC 2005

bob wrote:
> I've now had a 2nd first hand experience with Thunderbird on Gatesware with 
> Sympatico broadband.      It simply does not work.
> I could get the POP incoming mail to work,  but nothing I tried could get the 
> SMTP to work.     
> For reference on the POP side the Thunderbird settings were:
> port 995
> userid=email address
> The SMTP settings were:
> port 25
> userid=email address
> I tried all combinations of none, TSL if offered, TSL and SSL on the SMTP 
> side but nada ...  no joy.
> All Sympatico tech support would offer is "we only support Outlook ...".     
> Interestingly the above settings were exactly the same as the Outlook 
> settings that I finally managed to pry out of Sympatico tech support.
> Solution was to roll this setup back to Sympatico dialup which happily runs 
> with Thunderbird.
> I understand that the hm in the new Sympatico servers name stands for 
> Hotmail.     Humm ... you think? ... naw Gates wouldn't do that now would he? 
> I'd be interested in hearing about what  a network sniffer on a working 
> Outlook and a nonworking Thunderbird setup actually see mind you.

Here are my settings: exactly the same in outlook (under vmware of 
course!) without any problems.

Someone else mentioned using a different password. Are you using your 
default email address or an added account from sympatico? If not, try 
using the default.

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