Gatesware + Thunderbird + Sympatico broadband doesn't work

Oliver Meyn lists-tZhE6lH4Esk+k03BA+Hq9g at
Fri Nov 25 20:04:39 UTC 2005

bob wrote:

> The SMTP settings were:
> port 25
> userid=email address
> I tried all combinations of none, TSL if offered, TSL and SSL on the SMTP 
> side but nada ...  no joy.

Hi Bob,

I know this worked for me at some point in the past (I've since switched 
providers) - around this time last year, actually.  I had some hassle 
getting it working and it had to do with passwords - the password 
required to send (ie access smtp) is different from your "account 
password" if i recall correctly.

Course, I might be hallucinating again.

Good luck,
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