Gatesware + Thunderbird + Sympatico broadband doesn't work

Evan Leibovitch evan-ieNeDk6JonTYtjvyW6yDsg at
Fri Nov 25 19:55:43 UTC 2005

bob wrote:

>I've now had a 2nd first hand experience with Thunderbird on Gatesware with 
>Sympatico broadband.      It simply does not work.
>I could get the POP incoming mail to work,  but nothing I tried could get the 
>SMTP to work.     
>The SMTP settings were:
>port 25
>userid=email address
Just for the heck of it, try port 465 instead of 25 and see if that helps.

I know that Rogers blocks outgoing port 25 and it wouldn't surprise me 
if Bell does that too.

- Evan
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