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James Knott james.knott-bJEeYj9oJeDQT0dZR+AlfA at public.gmane.org
Wed Nov 23 14:10:10 UTC 2005

Paul King wrote:
> ... Not wanting to rain on your parade, but it is presented as an "opinion" 
> piece, not as news. But much of what was written there gave me the feeling of 
> "why haven't I read that before?" as news. That might say something about the 
> press, in this case the business press. But I haven't read much in the tech press 
> about it either (except for articles about individual devices, but not more 
> general articles like this one, written as "news").

Much of what was written, I had already read similar elsewhere.  That
article simply put it all in one place.  For example, I had previously
read of Linux in cell phones, TiVo, appliances and supercomputers.  I've
 long known about how Linux is used in cluster supercomputers and how
places such as Fermilab and movie studios use them.  So, I took that
article as a general round up of the Linux world, rather than breaking news.
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