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Evan Leibovitch evan-ieNeDk6JonTYtjvyW6yDsg at public.gmane.org
Wed Nov 23 16:20:45 UTC 2005

James Knott wrote:

>Much of what was written, I had already read similar elsewhere.  That
>article simply put it all in one place.  For example, I had previously
>read of Linux in cell phones, TiVo, appliances and supercomputers.  I've
> long known about how Linux is used in cluster supercomputers and how
>places such as Fermilab and movie studios use them.  So, I took that
>article as a general round up of the Linux world, rather than breaking news.
IMO the significance was not what was said but where.

BusinessWeek can be rather stingy with its tech coverage, and its pages have reflected the cynicism of the entire IT field that has persisted since the Internet bust. This magazine is widely read by folks outside the normal tech circles.

There is still a general uneasiness about the question "Can you make money from Linux?", which is only highlighted by the continued struggles to success by the likes of Novell and Mandriva. Still fresh in the mind is the essential abandonment of the Linux market by one-time big names such as Caldera, Linuxcare, and VA (all of whom went through name changes to distance themselves from the Linux world and in fact one is quite publicly Linux-hostile).

Articles like this one indicate that while it may still be hard to make money *from* Linux, it's possible to do well making money *with* Linux. It's a subtle though very real shift, yet it seems to be working well for the likes of IBM, Linksys, and Nokia.

- Evan

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