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Sun Nov 20 16:42:15 UTC 2005


following the old topic of computer book stores in
Toronto, I have to say that the selection in the three
Chapters close to my house (hwy 7 a little W of 400,
Steels & Yongue, Yorkdale Mall) is nothing to brag

Lots of Java and MS/.NET books (that's about half the
programmign shelf), several about PHP, surprisingly
many about C and C++ (or more than I used to see). On
the minus side, a few Perl ones and just one Python
book (O'Reilly's cookbook) and few Linux general /
sysadmin books. There are like 3 or 4 Postgress books
that look good, since somebody was asking for its

I counted 5 (or it was 7?) Linux magazines, mostly
British ones with CDs aimed at users.

I used to think that looking from time to time to the
number of books dedicated to one topic will give an
idea of what was "hot" or in demand in the industry
but I don't think is so much so now. Other issues
aside (marketing etc), if it takes like a year to
think, write and produce a book, at best we're looking
at last year's snapshot, and in areas like Linux,
that's a lot (can you believe Ubuntu is barely one
year old?, wait for its books next year).

By the way, today at Chapters/Coles they have books at
20% off regular prices with a coupon they send to
email subscribers, so if somebody is interested I can
forward it. Although the funny thing is that on their
web site is usually cheaper to buy everyday.

Fernando Duran


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