cdrecord under Fedora Core 3

Paul King pking123-rieW9WUcm8FFJ04o6PK0Fg at
Sat Nov 19 19:05:20 UTC 2005

Thanks for everyone's help. After adding some libs, I was able to
install k3b, and it worked like a charm. I now have my two Debian DVDs
fully written.

While I like to fool around and experiment with things (like cdrecord,
et al), it is nice to have the occasional "easy" application for things
like CD-burning; especially if it works. Because I am so busy with other
projects and work, I don't have as much time on my hands as I used to,
to fiddle with settings and play "see what happens when --" (which I did
a lot of several years ago). I now need my computer to do stuff for me,
so it now has to be dependable. And if an application is braindead
(meaning I don't have to use mine too much), then that means that more
time is freed up to do other important things. And this is fine, so long
as the app does its job. In this case, it did, and did it well.

Paul King

On Sat, 2005-11-19 at 11:16 -0500, Kevin Cozens wrote:
> Paul King wrote:
> > I am trying to burn a DVD using CD/DVD-burning software. I have tried
> > two so far: cdrecord and Nautilus's CD/DVD Creator.
> > 
> > I have scsi_mod loaded. Any other modules need to be loaded?
> [snip]
> > cdrecord was invoked using the following command:
> >     cdrecord -v -speed=4 -dev=1,1,0 -data -eject 
> >          debian-31r0a-i386-binary-1.iso
> > The -dev was taken from the output of 'cdrecord -scanbus':
> There are a few issues here. You no longer need SCSI support loaded in 
> order to do CD/DVD burning. If you want to burn a DVD rather than a CD 
> there is a program called dvdrecord IIRC (I'm not in Linux at the moment). 
> And finally, you will probably find it a whole lot easier to do CD/DVD 
> burning using either xcdroast or k3b.
> The k3b program tends to "hold a users hand" to make it easier to use than 
> xcdroast. I still use xcdroast more often since it was the first program I 
> used to burn CDs and now use it to burn the occasional DVD.
> NOTE: With xcdroast you need an extra file to be downloaded/installed as 
> well as a key to be entered which is available via links on the web site 
> (but needs to be every so many months) to enable DVD burning.

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