planning to go back into Linux, what distro do you recommend?

ted leslie tleslie-RBVUpeUoHUc at
Thu Nov 10 22:09:17 UTC 2005

I use a different criteron to pick the disro i use,

I see it like a auto race. The distros are the cars entered in the race.
Even assuming all the distros/cars are the same, they have different sponsors,
or in linux-distro's case the distros sponsor other projects. As you might use
a product sponsoring your favourite race car .. you could use the distro that sponsors
your favourite projects!

I use suse because they sponsor Mono, amongst other things.

I think it makes for a healthier community if the distros (especially more commercial ones)
sponsor things. In my case Suse sponsors things very important to me.

Admitedly i am not to knowledgable about what distro sponsors what,
i know redhat sponsors kudzu which is much appreciated,
and Suse ... well i know those ...
Debian i appreciate because of sharp zaraus support ...

I think you have to "support" the distro that helps you!
and thats MORE then just being a good distro.

I guess if your new to Linux and don't "need" anything from any project, then
its a crap shoot. Then again .. using the distro that give the most back to the community?
thats a nice gesture.

There should be a web-site set up (maybe is one) that show the sponsor/donations of distros.

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