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> Chris Aitken wrote:
> > Does anyone know which version of audacity would work well with 
> > SuSE9.1 Personal? I don't want to satisfy dependencies. If I can do it 
> > all with rpm -i audacityversionwhatever.rpm then that would be great. 
> > I think I found my answer at 
> >
> > but I don't speak German.
> > : /
> >
> > Chris
> I believe that audacity can be downloaded and installed from the 
> official site and it it self-contained (requires nothing else), so 
> dependencies are not an issue.
> On a side-note, how do you like Suse Personal? Is it "crippled" in 
> anyway? I've been wanting to install a version of Suse, and wonder if 
> this one is OK for me? Currently I use Fedora Core 2 and xp.
> Thanks and hope that helps.
> -Steve.


An Audacity RPM is here for Suse 9.1


Suse 9.1 is what I would call a well done distro. Hell it installed the Nvidia driver very easily. I use it and Libranet. The only down fall is that mozilla is not installed and it's very KDE oriented. 

I simply downloaded what I wanted to get around this. 


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