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Fred Nastos nastos-JAjqph6Yjy8fbXvGcxQkLSwD8/FfD2ys at public.gmane.org
Wed Jul 28 03:07:59 UTC 2004

On July 27, 2004 08:07 pm, Kareem Shehata wrote:
> On Tue, 2004-07-27 at 18:35, Fred Nastos wrote:
> > > I've managed to get LaTeX to produce envelopes for me using the envlab
> > > package from Boris Veytsman with my letterhead class, and everything
> > > looks great except for one thing.  When I produce a PDF file to email,
> > > it includes the envelope as the second page!
> >
> > I didn't really understand this last bit.  Does the fact that you are
> > emailing the PDF have anything to do with your problem?
> >
> > How are you making your pdf?  ps2pdf, or pdflatex, or some
> > other method?  How does a postscript version look?
> The problem is that the pdf or ps file has both the letter and
> envelope.  Sending the pdf by email is thus not "a good thing" since I
> want whoever is on the receiving end to see only the letter itself, not
> the second page with the envelope.

I see.  I just took a brief look at envlab (looks useful).  I am
assuming you have a single .tex file which produces both
the letter and the envelope label, and that you envoke this
through \usepackage{envlab} and then \makelabels.  If that's
the case, then isn't the easiest solution to just comment out
the \makelabels command?

If you want to produce two separate output files.  One with
the letter and the other with the enevelope labels, then I think
the easiest way to do this is with a simple shell script.  Start
with the latex document for the letter which includes the
commands for only making the labels (see page 4, or
section 3.1.2 of the manual).  You should more or less have
this allready.  Run the latex command to produce the labels.
Then have a script that copies the file to a new tex file
but comments out the commands \makelabels, \startlabels
and \mlabel and then latex that file.  If you aren't in a rush and
provide a simple example file, I could quickly whip up the

> > > In general, I have a few different documents in LaTeX that I'd like to
> > > split into several output files.  Is there an easy way to do this?
> >
> > If you want to split the resulting pdf/ps, it might be worth trying
> > pdftk: http://www.accesspdf.com/pdftk/
> >
> > If you want to this from latex itself, I think you are only allowed
> > one \begin{document} and one \end{document} per document.
> I'd like to do this within LaTeX, if that's at all possible.  I know
> that I can break the ps file into multiple pages, but that's not quite
> what I'd like to do.

There are some workarounds, but they depend on the exact
task at hand.  There is an \include command that is quite
handy, but again it depends on the exact details.  You split
your document into separate files.  Then using \include{filename}
you insert whichever file you wish.  This is good for writing books
and other long documents because you don't have to process
the entire manuscript at once.

If you find better answers, please share.

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