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> This is slightly off-topic, but I'm not sure where else to ask this.
> I've managed to get LaTeX to produce envelopes for me using the envlab
> package from Boris Veytsman with my letterhead class, and everything
> looks great except for one thing.  When I produce a PDF file to email,
> it includes the envelope as the second page!
> In general, I have a few different documents in LaTeX that I'd like to
> split into several output files.  Is there an easy way to do this?
> Thanks in advance!


   I have not played much with LaTeX lately.  I keep needing to send files around in Evil Empire format.

   In LaTeX, it is absolutely easy to create master documents that load all sorts of sub-documents.  For example, you have a form letter that you want to send to a bunch of people.  These people's names and addresses are stored as LaTeX files.  You create a Makefile to administer all this.

   Setting up the Makefile to print a letter to FredSmith and print an envelope to FredSmith as a separate operation is trivial.  Consider the following LaTeX code snippet.

% FredSmith.tex
% Data
\def\AddrStreet{123 Fourth Street, Apartment 56}
\def\AddrPostalCode{M1A 2C3}
% Assembled data
\def\AddrName{\AddrName1 \AddrName2}

   This is a database entry describing someone you can write letters to.  You can personalize the letter ("Dear Fred", Dear Mr. Smith", etc.).  You can create envelopes.  

   Have fun.

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