DNS/Email transfer problem; sender's domain doesn't exist??

Fraser Campbell fraser-eicrhRFjby5dCsDujFhwbypxlwaOVQ5f at public.gmane.org
Thu Jul 15 02:59:28 UTC 2004

On July 14, 2004 10:54 pm, Madison Kelly wrote:

> In the meantime, the darn email to "nouvelocity.com" is still bouncing
> despite the pDNS server being replaced. It's making my boss kinda
> nervous, to say the least. The fun!

Perhaps this will help ;-)


   Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
      Roe, Philip  (PR1707)             philroe-UqHW2wehKNmfJOJzLBvvIA at public.gmane.org
      Nouvelocity Systems Inc.
      Suite B50
      6 Adelaide Street East
      Toronto, Ontario M5C 1H6
      416-402-9194 fax: 416-848-0950

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