OT: Hardware RAID on linux

JM jerome-mhXWc29+iYPyG1zEObXtfA at public.gmane.org
Tue Jul 6 10:13:57 UTC 2004


	I have a IBM box with 6 slots for hot swap disk. I did 3 RAID 1 on those 
disks. pair 1-2, pair 3-4 and pair 5-6. Just incase disk 2 fails do I have to 
mkfs on the newly bought disk? or do I just insert the disk and all things 
follow? and Is it possible to upgrade the disk space for pair 5-6? if disk 5 
and 6 are 32 G each.. and Ill be replacing disk 6 with 100G disk.. Ill assume 
that data will be copied on disk 6.. after it ill be replacing disk 5 with 
100G.. with this do the trick?


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