[GTALUG] Music Broadcast Server?

John Sellens jsellens at syonex.com
Wed Jan 13 10:29:20 UTC 2016

I recently came across this:


    AirPlay audio player. Shairport Sync adds multi-room capability with Audio Synchronisation 

which seemed interesting.

And also made a note of this on multi-room audio with Raspberry Pi:


Hope that helps - cheers!


On Wed, 2016/01/13 10:22:44AM -0500, Stephen <stephen-d at rogers.com> wrote:
| I currently use Mediatomb as a server and have Panasonic UPnP players. 
| They are mainly Bluray players but do more, including play .flac files.
| But they each connect separately and play their own streams independently.
| What I would like to do is have each unit play the same music stream. It 
| would be like having multiple radios in my home set to the same station.
| Is there a Linux solution for this?
| Cheers
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| Stephen
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