[GTALUG] Running Hadoop on a 32 bit linux (Fedora 21 or Linuxmint 17) computer

Clive DaSilva cdasilva at iprimus.ca
Thu Jan 15 20:15:57 UTC 2015

Hello all


I decided to take a shot at Hadoop as a lot of my career adventures deal
with manipulating large data streams. While Hadoop usually runs from a
cluster of Linux boxes, for self-experimental purposes, some of the distros
have included Hadoop or work- alikes( Apache Bigtop for Ubuntu being one
example which insists on  a 64 bit box) for single node activity, but it's
not clear as to whether you need a 32 or 64 bit computer, as after two days
of googling the subject, I find the documentation to be  quite vague. Does
anyone here have experience with this beast? Any suggestions, links, etc
would be appreciated.




Clive DaSilva - cdasilva at iprimus.ca


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