[GTALUG] Experience with TekSavvy Business DSL

Thomas Milne thomas.bruce.milne at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 17:00:34 UTC 2015

On Mon, Jan 5, 2015 at 9:55 AM, Blaise Alleyne <email+libre at blaise.ca> wrote:
> On 04/01/15 05:52 PM, Sadiq Saif wrote:
>> I am curious if anybody on the list has experience with TekSavvy's
>> business DSL service. I am looking at their 25/10 business service with
>> a dry loop.
>> Any good/bad/ugly thoughts experiences?
> I've been using Teksavvy business DSL at work since 2010 or 2011. No problems.
> Just leave some time for the initial setup, as it can take a while to get the
> Bell tech scheduled to activate things (IIRC around a 7-10 business days? Maybe
> less...).

OMG don't remind me! What a horror show that was. Totally not
Teksavvy's fault, obviously, but wow that was painful.

> My parents have been using residential Teksavvy DSL since 2009 as well. There
> was one issue with signal strength in around 2011, and it took a while to
> resolve, but eventually we got a Bell technician in who installed something that
> boosted the signal strength or something -- it was painful waiting to get that
> resolved (it was easiest to make progress via the Teksavvy forums at
> dslreports.com versus multiple phone calls, but hard to do that without an
> internet connection!), but that was the only time we've had a problem in 5.5
> years. (We had more frequent problems with Rogers cable internet cutting out
> before that TBH...)
> At my apartment, I had a residential Teksavvy dry loop DSL connection from
> 2010-2012. When moving in 2012, since we had to pay setup costs for the new
> apartment anyways, we switched to Teksavvy cable for faster speeds.
> In addition to a working service, I sleep a bit better at night with less money
> going to Rogers/Bell and more going to Teksavvy.

Ya, Teksavvy is awesome. I recommend it to everyone, with great confidence.

Thomas Milne

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