Still fighting against telco's limiting other ISP

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On Mon, Sep 28, 2009 at 2:24 PM, Madison Kelly <linux-5ZoueyuiTZhBDgjK7y7TUQ at> wrote:
> Maureen Thornton wrote:
>> Would be very interesting to hear if you even get any replies!
>> Maureen
> -----------
> Industry Canada has conducted a public consultation and contacted provincial
> and territorial counterparts to seek their input.  The department is engaged
> in a thorough analysis of the issues.
> As the matter will be decided by Cabinet, it would be inappropriate to
> comment on the merits of the CRTC decisions or any party's position.
> Kim Blain
> Constituency Assistant
> Office of Terence Young, MP Oakville
> -----------
> Oh well.

On the "up side," this *does* offer a reasonably straightforward
indication of where the decision is to be made (e.g. - Cabinet).

That's preferable to there being some pretense at the matter being
decided at other levels, or them offering evasiveness about such.

It also points at an interesting question, namely:
  How *would* you try to go about influencing the Conservative cabinet?

With the entertaining unstated givens: "Stipulated that I didn't vote
for them, and stipulated that my entire geographic region didn't vote
for them, at least not to the point of electing any of them..."

Toronto's in the somewhat entertaining position of NOT having any
influence on the government in power.  And I have to comment, "if you
didn't vote for them, you can't have terribly high expectations."

I realize that the thought of voting for the Conservatives is likely
anathema to a vast majority of people here...  Those that *imagine*
themselves to be imaginative people should try to imagine what would
cause them to choose to do so...  If you can't imagine that far, then
perhaps you're not as imaginative than you imagined.

Or so I imagine...  :-)

At any rate, thinking that "far out of the GTA box" seems like an
interesting idea...
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