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Wed Sep 23 14:56:15 UTC 2009

On Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 09:04:51AM -0400, Darryl Moore wrote:
> Thanks, yes after looking into it a bit more I see some of the issues.
> The backup server does indeed need to run some scripts which means the
> service provider needs to explicitly support it, or allow you ssh login
> and allow you to run your own scripts.
> does allow ssh login, but I'm not sure about user script
> support. They do however explicitly support duplicity, which with a
> little finagling I was able to get working on a jaunty box. I think this
> may be my best solution. At least WRT this service provider.
> I still do not agree that rsnapshot is not good for remote backups. It
> is promoted for this purpose and with rsync and ssh it should work well.

Well it is good for remote backups, but by that they mean backing up a
remote machine to the local backup server that is running rsnapshot.

They do not mean running rsnapshot to send your backup to a remote
location.  The intent is a centralized backup server that runs rsnapshot
to do all the backups for all the remote boxes.

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