TCL/TK & Tix plea

David Tilbrook dt-hKuJ9UrQZDM at
Thu Sep 10 00:02:26 UTC 2009

For reasons I won't discuss I am still using Tcl7.4.

The need to convert to tcl8.5 or even 8.6 is pressing.

But I have no idea what changes I might need to make to
my tcl/tk/tix applications to upgrade to 8.5

The tcl web site and tclwiki were not much help
as they wouldn't allow me post anything as they were
of the opinion that I was a Robot -- I'm not (but
I would think that wouldn't I - Note use of

Does anyone have pointers to the information I need
or suggestions as to whom to consult?

Thanks in advance.

-- dt
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