[whimsy] Linux-compatable printer that won't gouge me on ink?

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> > I would stay away from xero'x solid ink printers (having used one).
> > They work really really well, they have amazing print quality, but at
> > least on the one I dealt with, a power failure costs you about $5 in
> > wasted ink. They simply are not to be turned off. I hope the new ones
> > have fixed this, because it was completely insane. If you print 50000
> > pages a month (which they can easily do), then the occational power
> > failure is irrelevant. If you print 2000 pages a month, you start
> > to care. That was the only flaw (unless having printouts that can be
> > rubbed off the page if you try hard enough counts as a flaw. The raised
> > look of the print is kind of neat) it had.
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> > Len Sorensen
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> By solid ink printers, do you mean the Xerox phaser printers?

Yes.  They happen to use the phaser name for laser printers too now
though, so a bit confusing.  Solid ink as in blocks of coloured wax.

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