Nobel Peace Prize to Linus Torvalds: A Northwest Nobel option?

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Tue Nov 24 22:04:40 UTC 2009

James Knott wrote:
> Zbigniew Koziol wrote:
>> James,
>> I am myself a physicist. By all my soul.
>> That means that I must understand the physical world. And I do. Better
>> than most of you ignorants around. Id I did not, I would have made
>> absolutely nothing in science. You do not need to believe that, though.
>> There is nothing in science against religion. There is however a lot in
>> education against religion. Why? Because education is about ideology,
>> not about science. And it always have been that way.
James, you asked. You are now responsible for any hate that may result 
from this my email towards me ;)

> Actually, there is.  It's called "reality".  Take anthropology for 
> example.  It shows there have been several early humans, why no 
> mention of them in the bible?  Why does the bible claim humans came 
> before animals, when the opposite is true?  Why does the bible claim 
> the earth existed before the sun?  Why is there no evidence for 
> anything before King David & Solomon?  What about animals such as 
> kangaroos that have never been in the area Noah & his ark supposedly 
> came from?  How did they survive the flood?  Why do history and 
> archeology show "The Exodus" to be a myth?  There is a heck of a lot 
> of evidence that shows the Bible and religious belief to be absolute 
> nonsense.

And what was you actual question? I am sorry. I am not sure. I would 
like to take it seriously, but am not sure what exactly it was.

Was it perhaps about "what is against religion in science" or something 

If yes, than I will say very shortly, again: there is nothing against 
religion in science.

The Bible, New Testament, they are not scientific works. I could 
possibly discuss them together with you drinking beer or coffee but I 
can not discuss the merits of that most sold book (which is considered 
saint by many, including myself) before Lenin works outnumbered it in 
Soviet Union and before Harry Pottter.

> As for education, you might want to read up on Dover Pennsylvania, 
> where a couple of religious zealots tried to hijack the school board 
> to impose "Intelligent Design" aka creationism on the schools.  They 
> tried to claim it was science.  The only "ideology" is that great 
> delusion known as "religion" which people are supposed to accept 
> without question or supporting evidence.  In any other area, it would 
> be called delusion.

I am sorry for these sick idiots whom you mention here. Actually, when I 
come to Northern America, I could not understand attitude towards 
religion of other religious Christians there as well. It is different 
than that I grew up with in Poland, in Europe. OK, thats not the essence 
of my reply.

Have a look to the sky during a night when there is no clouds, outside 
of the city. Can you imagine that contemporary science does NOT explain 
almost nothing about what you see there? There is so many questions 
around. To believe, for me - it means to see these questions. Nothing 
more I need. Nothing more. To be happy - means to me to be able to 
understand how many questions around are not answered.

 From another hand. I am now in Russia. What is done about Russia in 
Canadian media? Bullshit. A mess. People in Canada actually have no idea 
about living in Russia.  Canada is not an exception. Poland borders with 
Russia. I send a few emails to a Polish mailing list explaining how is 
life here and they listened with open mouths. Astonishing? Yes, it is.

I seek the truth.


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