Nobel Peace Prize to Linus Torvalds: A Northwest Nobel option?

James Knott james.knott-bJEeYj9oJeDQT0dZR+AlfA at
Tue Nov 24 22:07:46 UTC 2009

Darryl Moore wrote:
> James Knott wrote:
>> Zbigniew Koziol wrote:
>>> My daughter is 23 years old she has been mostly educated by
>>> degenerated Canadian system. She speaks the same nonsense.
>>> I can only pray for these lost like you.
>> Your daughter should consider herself fortunate to have been able to
>> throw off that religion nonsense.
> I'm sure she does :-)
> I listened to the radio program Tapestry Sunday afternoon, where they
> interviewed a former nun named Karen Armstrong. She apparently wrote a
> lot of books making the case for god.
> I never bought her arguments for god, but it was interesting none the
> less. Basically she was saying that greater piety was achieved through
> shedding ones ego, or "dethroning oneself from the centre of ones own
> universe" (I liked that particular phrase), The mistake a great many
> religions make of course is to do the opposite by expecting everyone
> else to adopt their norms. They and their followers, make their egos
> bigger rather than smaller.
> I believe Jesus probably had tremendous piety in this way, and he would
> likely shudder to see what the church have done since then in his name,
> if he were around today. Mohammad the same.
> I did agree with much of what she said, save for the conclusion, and
> ironically expect that by her definition, the most pious people in the
> world are probably the humanist with little or or no regard for
> organized religion, or even god.
I have often said that religion is a delusion and organized religion a 
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