Nobel Peace Prize to Linus Torvalds: A Northwest Nobel option?

Zbigniew Koziol softquake-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w at
Tue Nov 24 16:35:25 UTC 2009

Madison Kelly wrote:
> Zbigniew Koziol wrote:
>> And what sense makes putting Linus into the same bag as Obama, killer 
>> or unborn and hater of Christianity? Are you insane? Nobel piss prize 
>> got degenerated. Polish Walesa got it for supposedly creating 
>> Solidarity but he was carried on by secret service police. You people 
>> do not know that or what?
>> Al Gore? That idiot who wants with patents and full pockets stop 
>> tropical storms? Again, insane.
>> zb.
> You do love to stir the pot, don't you? How effortlessly you jump from 
> GPL/Linux to religious wing-nuttery and school-yard name calling.
> Reddit has a /r/eligious channel... Maybe your non-IT, non-Linux views 
> would find a better audience there.

So far I am here. Is your tolerance on paper only or in your imagination?


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