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On Saturday 25 July 2009 03:36 pm, D. Hugh Redelmeier wrote:
> | From: bob 295 <icanprogram-sKcZck+fQKg at>
> |
> | scp myfile
> Does adding a / at the end make a difference?  Probably not, but that
> is what I would have typed.
> 	scp myfile
> Is there already a file or directory named myfile in /tmp on the remote
> machine?
> | it prompts me for the password and then echos the line I put at the
> | bottom of my .bashrc on the remote box ( and returns
> | without any copy happening.
> |
> | echo $?
> Is this echo on the local side or at the end of the remote's .bashrc?
> Is there no diagnostic message printed?
> Can you copy it somewhere else (like your home directory)?
> |     The
> | debug stuff says that the command it is sending is "scp -v -t /tmp" ...
> | that also looks curious to me.
> That appears to be normal.
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He's the exact sequence that I tried with this accompanying debug file.

i) I brought up both Mepis boxes.

box1 - (as determined by running ifconfig)
box2 -

The .bashrc on box1 contains a line at the end which says:

echo "hi bob from box 1"

ii) since ssh is not running by default I su root and type

/etc/init.d/ssh start

on box 1

iii) on box 2 I verified that ssh was in fact open by typing


and logging in to see the echo prompt above.

I then typed 


to come back to the box2 console.

iv) still on box 2 I went to /tmp and ran

date > bob1

to create a file called bob1

v) I then typed

scp -v  bob1   1>junk 2>&1

to get the debug file attached.

No file named bob1 appears in /tmp on box1,  however,  even though I get 
prompted for the box1 password and see the .bashrc echo line from box1 on my 

Thanks once again in advance for any help you can offer.


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