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On Thu, Jul 23, 2009 at 10:22 AM, Evan Leibovitch<evan-ieNeDk6JonTYtjvyW6yDsg at> wrote:
> Colin McGregor wrote:
>> There is so little in the way of geek humour compared to many other
>> trades / professions (did you hear the one about the lawyer who ...).
>> So, when someone does a cute / clever bit about geeks (especially
>> women geeks) I think it should be promoted / encouraged.
> I'm not sure that geeks want to have a whole canon of humour about them
> similar to what exists for the legal profession:
> "What do you call 5,000 geeks at the bottom of the sea?"
> "A good start"
> There's not a lot of accountant, or garage-mechanic, or social worker
> humour either. Certain fields just gravitate to it better than others.
> Most geeks I know are just happy to have received some recognition as
> mainstream humour targets in "Big Bang Theory" or "The IT Crowd".
> As for this video .... it's cute, but smacks of pandering. Nowhere near
> as clever as Al Yankovic's two-year-old "It's All About the Pentiums"
> ( but I'm glad you mentioned
> it here.
> - Evan
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Well, luckily geeks aren't quite as reviled as some other professions
(yet), but it seems that there is quite a lot of geek-centric
stereotypical humor out there. The interesting thing is that most of
it is understood best by... other geeks. I'm thinking of things such
as Dilbert comics and various other geek/IT-focused memes which tend
to have plenty of "inside jokes". There's also the more broad
"American Pie" style humor while appeals to the masses, but these days
it almost seems to commend geekdome as much as it makes fun of it.
There's also movies such as the new "Star Trek" which appeal to the
broad-masses with the whole "lasers, SFX, and explosions" while having
quite a bit of inside humor.

Personally I find most of such things - even those poking fun at
"geeks" - tend to be more funny than insulting anyhow. As a whole we
probably shouldn't take ourselves too seriously - life's no fun that
way -  though at the same time individual or distasteful attacks
should also not be condoned either. Canucks in general are fairly
noted for a self-effacing style of humour though :-)

Anyone know anything of good "geek humour" other than the usual
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