Ethics, Free Software, Copyright and Creative Content

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Thu Jul 23 17:35:27 UTC 2009

Ok, I admit that I haven't watched the Coder Girl video yet.  I rather
expect I'll enjoy it when I get around to watching it.

In following the thread though I'm reminded of a paper[1] that I read
just last night - Ethical Visions of Copyright Law by James
Grimmelmann (Associate Professor of Law, New York Law School).  It was
mentioned by Joseph Potvin on Michael Geist's blog[2] yesterday.

The paper itself is 33 pages and I have to recommend reading the essay
in it's entirety.  It does a great job of analyzing and explaining the
copyfight and, in some ways, conflict in general.  Some folks on the
list may find this a rather interesting read.  Personally, I found it

- Scott.

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[2] (Thanks Meng!)
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