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Thu Jul 23 13:43:07 UTC 2009

Madison Kelly wrote:
> Zbigniew Koziol wrote:
>> For  God sake, did you all went insane all around?
>> I am myself a total ignorant on music. I have no idea what rap means. 
>> I had no idea that rap, as it seems, is somehow related to blacks.
>> And now you all jump on me like crazy dogs, not even attempting to 
>> discuss the merit of my words.
>> All this just support my original thought that this society went too 
>> far in brain washing, in wrong direction.
>> zb.
> Honest question; How much do you know about recent (north) American 
> history?
I know enough. Believe me. But the question is entirely irrelevant to my 
first post.
> As for our reaction;
> When you (appear to) come out swinging, you can't act surprised when 
> other people swing back before asking questions.

I am,unfortunately, not surprised.

That is, unfortunately, my way of living - no one will come close 
because no one will understand.
I am however not a conformist. These will just adjust to the society. I 
pay a huge, really huge prise, by my own life for that not conformist

> Madi

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