Anyone observed content change through Rogers?

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Tue Jul 21 19:49:42 UTC 2009

William Muriithi wrote:
>     While I understand their reasoning in theory, I'm not at all
>     convinced that this is a good idea in practice. From a world
>     perspective, BBC News isn't just any news service; since the
>     halcyon days of shortwave radio it's also effectively been a part
>     of the UK's foreign relations, a way of promoting Britain and the
>     "British way" abroad for relatively little cost compared to the
>     dividends in worldwide respect and goodwill. Seen this way, it
>     might have made more sense to keep the BBC News site free of
>     advertising for the same reason the BBC World Service (as far as I
>     know) never carried advertising: advertisements can blunt the
>     impact of the actual content, and have the potential to reduce the
>     worldwide impression of the BBC's quality and impartiality.
> Sadly, that is very true.  Have not been at their site since that day. 
> Just found it too repugnant - may be they had entrenched too much 
> expectation on them. Anyway, may finally register for washington post 
> access,  another site I stopped visiting couple of years back after 
> they enforced registration.

Having been brought up with only the BBC as a source of broadcast media 
- we were not permitted to watch ITV because they had  adverts - I fear 
I never learnt the ability to ignore adverts (or at least the ability to 
*believe* I can ignore adverts). Personally I can't use the internet 
without AdblockPlus, and even "innocent" things (like spinning buttons) 
are like headlights to a rabbit, and I have to add them to my block list.

I wonder how much revenue the Beeb gets from adverts, or whether it's 
more to reduce the indignation of those back in Blighty fearing they're 
paying so that other people can get something for nothing...

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