FYI: Fire at 151 Front St Data Centre

James Knott james.knott-bJEeYj9oJeDQT0dZR+AlfA at
Sun Jul 5 12:17:50 UTC 2009

Robert Brockway wrote:
> Hi all.  Peer1 reported a fire at their DC at 151 Front St.  Reports
> have varied about which floors were impacted.
> Rob
Hmmm...  Air Canada used to have part of their reservation system on the
7th floor and the 8th floor was CN Telecommunincations/CNCP
Telecommunications engineering, before the HQ moved out to Bloor &
Islington.  Prior to Air Canada, the 7th floor was the CNT/CNCP regional
HQ.  Air Canada also had the 6th floor.  Later, after they moved out,
those floors were used for various telecom resellers.  Cable & Wireless
was on the 6th floor, IIRC.

I worked in that building for many years.  I used to have the corner
office at the east end of the 5th floor, overlooking Front St.

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