Broadcom wireless on Debian Testing

JoeHill joehill-R6A+fiHC8nRWk0Htik3J/w at
Thu Jul 2 00:32:32 UTC 2009

Robert P. J. Day wrote: 

> On Wed, 1 Jul 2009, JoeHill wrote:
> > Does your notebook have a 'switch' for the wireless? This one has a
> > sliding toggle on the front that switches between a blue and a red
> > indicator. I assume blue is 'on', red is 'off'?  
>   on/off switch on the left hand side.   currently on, of course.

Hmmm. Just tried the switch again, looks like it switches between Bluetooth and
Wireless LAN? When I switch it to blue, a Bluetooth icon shows up in the
notification area.

Makes no difference, though. Still no wireless connection in Network Manager.

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