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Wed Jul 1 07:56:20 UTC 2009

Aviss,Tyler wrote:
> Yes, I'm bored in a hotel room so this is post #3 in a row on varying 
> topics.
> The question: where do we stand or draw the line on starting OT (non 
> Linux) threads. Obviously as geeks/intellectuals/etc we have somewhat 
> common interests in technical issues, related legal issues, or even 
> stuff like recommending (or asking about) ISP's, sales of tech stuff, etc.
> I don't often notice angry retorts to such things, so I'm guessing that 
> such topics are acceptable on a "slow list day"

I don't know about everyone but I use the subject line more than the 
"OT" prefix to determine whether I want to read a thread/discussion and 
be a part of it. Usually it's quite easy to tell if a thread is 
off-topic by using a descriptive subject, and changing it when 
appropriate. Most people who post to this list use "OT" properly, more 
so than other LUG lists I've been on in the past.

Sometimes, a thread turns into a rant/flamewar/"hot topic". Sometimes 
the original subject line sometimes becomes less relevant. In these 
cases, it would be nice if someone would modify the subject line.

> How about lists other than TLUG for such things in TO/Canada/anywhere?
> Is there a "technical/intellectual persons" list?

School programs might be your best bet. ;-)

While I do have an interest in Linux, I am also interested in the 
evolution of software, open-source software in particular. Since Linux 
is the biggest example of success in this category, people with 
interests similar to mine tend to reside here. Similarly for political 
and legal issues, inspired by Linux and other major open source projects.

Based on the content of Linux magazines these days, the trends are the 
same.. some have noted that this has lead to less technical talk about 
the OS (eg. kernel implementation, drivers, etc.). I wish I knew more 
about that stuff; I have the programming experience, just not the time 
to delve into learning all the gritty details unless I have a solid 
contribution to make.

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