Anyone job-seeking for a sysadmin position?

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Tue Jul 29 16:26:46 UTC 2008

On Mon, 28 Jul 2008, Neil Watson wrote:

> This really frustrates me.  You spend time preparing and going to
> interviews only to find out afterward, sometimes after more than one
> interview, that they are not willing to pay what you would like.  Why

I know some people are down on recruiters but I have always been very 
happy when I use recruiters.  One advantage is that they typically have a 
good idea of the salary range and will filter out jobs that don't meet my 
expectations.  If a recruiter sends me to an interview then the employer 
and I are already in the same ballpark when it comes to salary.

> waste everyone's time wasted in the first place?  I am almost certain
> that employers often do not advertise or tell you what they are willing
> to pay in hopes that you will low ball yourself thus saving them money.

I agree it happens but I've known a lot of employers to be smarter than 
that.  It is quite a short-sighted position as a low-balled employee will 
be very unhappy as soon as they realise what has happened and will 
typically correct the situation by leaving for another position[1]. 
Losing staff costs the employer money.  So in my experience most employers 
will not do this if they are actually keen on retaining the employee.

[1] It's much easier for the person to negotiate a reasonable salary with 
a new employer than it is to negotiate with a current employer for a 
massive jump in salary.



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