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> I'd expect it that it can be brought up on the first
> interview, after
> discussing your qualifications, etc. That's how it
> worked for me, if I remember correctly.

A good interviewer will bring this up during the portion of the interview when they describe the specific requirements. Good interviewers are rare, so I usually bring it up during the 'Any more questions' part if they haven't. 

About 60% of the time, they'll say something like 'What are you looking for' and I've found the best response is 'I would expect between x and y'. 
Do your homework and don't be shy to ask for the upper end of the range, if they start gasping, you can always say, "But, you know, I've always been an admirer of <insert buzzword here> so I'd be willing to bend a bit for a chance to really kick <insert buzzword here>.

This is kind of a hot-button topic for bad interviewers - I've had a number of uhhh...emotional responses over the years and the response can be quite revealing about the company culture. 


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