FreshBooks needs an intermediate Linux sysadmin

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Mon Jul 21 16:16:36 UTC 2008

Hi, all --

FreshBooks ( is a small (~20-employee) and 
fast-growing Toronto-based web invoicing startup that has been helping 
our clients take the pain out of invoicing since 2004.

We're looking to hire an intermediate-level Linux sysadmin with Web app 
experience.  The official posting is here:

but to save you the trouble, here's the job description. If you're 
interested, please drop us a note at careers-ShEmRV+3uf9SwrhanM7KvQ at (which will 
reach me -- please don't reply to my home address in the From:.)



The success of FreshBooks is completely dependent on a fast and reliable 
infrastructure. If you're a well-rounded sysadmin with web application 
chops, we'd like you to help us continue to exceed our customers' 

You will:

Join in the responsibility for maintaining our good reputation for 
availability, performance, and security. You will work with our lead 
system administrator and the rest of the team here to learn our current 
architecture and become a key contributor to designing and implementing 
our technical plan for growth. You'll also share responsibility for our 
internal IT needs, office network, development systems, users' desktops, 
and whatever else we might be doing at the time.

We need you to have:

     * 3-5 years of Linux system administration experience (SAGE
       Level III), preferably with Red Hat or Ubuntu Linux
     * Experience building or maintaining a high-performance,
       highly-available Linux/Apache/MySQL environment
     * Thorough understanding of networking concepts and firewalls
     * Programming experience in sh, and in a dynamic language like
       PHP or Perl
     * Hands-on experience implementing secure servers and networks
     * Experience maintaining Windows or OS X desktops
     * Demonstrated proficiency communicating with users, developers,
       and upper management
     * Attention to detail, and a passion for professional system
       administration practice

We hope you have:

     * A working knowledge of Web 2.0
     * Familiarity with configuration management and source control
     * Experience with PCI DSS compliance
     * Excellent writing skills and a hankering to blog

This is a full-time on-site position located in Toronto, Ontario and 
requires after-hours and holiday on-call support.

Rich Lafferty
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