Hosting Recommendations?

Phillip Mills phillip.mills1-HInyCGIudOg at
Mon Dec 22 18:51:01 UTC 2008

I think it's finally time to get rid of my various .../~pmills/... 
addresses and consolidate the information there into something 
manageable.  (Call it a pre-New Years not-quite-resolution.)

What I would like almost immediately:
- a .ca domain name
- a few GB of storage
- reasonable -- whatever that means -- transfer limits
- a linux (or Unix-y) host
- ssh/ftp/... access for file management rather than some web-based horror

What I would probably use in the intermediate future:
- a database (PostgreSQL?)
- server-side programmability (Perl?)

What I might use in some far-flung future, but don't bet on it:
- Tomcat/JBoss

Q1: Suggestions?
Q2: What should I be considering that's not in the lists above?
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